Raw cow & goat milk, cheese and yogurt

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Benefits of Raw Milk

 Benefits of Raw Milk are:     *Since it is RAW it still has all the vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes in the milk.   *Good source of protein   *Superior Health and Nutritional benefits    *Bioavailable Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamins   *Better for people with lactose intolerance.  Raw milk facilitates production of lactase enzyme in the intestinal tract, allowing many people who are lactose intolerant to digest raw milk with no problems.   *Good source of Vitamin A, Magnesium, Zinc and Thiamine, amino acids, antimicrobials, healthy Fatty Acids (including CLA and Omega 3s).  *Benefits bone health  *Associated with lower rates of asthma, eczema, ear infections, fevers, respiratory infections.   *Many people swear that their seasonal allergies are either completely gone or helped by raw milk. 

Milk Products - Yogurt  & Cheese

Cow milk is readily available in the summer.  I have less production in the winter.  Goat milk and goat and cow cheese is available year round.  

Raw Goat milk and Raw Cow Milk sells for $2.00 a quart, $4 a half gallon, or $8.00 a gallon.  They are sold in quart, 1/2 gallon glass canning jars or one gallon glass jars.  A small first time deposit on all the glass jars is required.  Out of towners might get their milk in plastic jugs when glass jars are hard to find.  The milk is guaranteed to please or your money back.   Please bring an ice chest with you when you pick up milk. 

I have yogurt available in the spring and summer when enough milk is available.  Plain yogurt sells for $3.00 a quart.  Greek yogurt and Kefir can be special ordered, ask for pricing. Feta cheese and Squeaky cheese are 65 -75 cents an ounce. Feta cheese is usually on hand at all times.  I keep spreadable goat cheese, (Fromage Blanc and Quark), on hand also.  If I am out, I need 2 to 3 days notice to make fresh goat cheese for you.  Spreadable Fromage Blanc is $5.60 a pint and the drier spreadable chevre can be made as well, it is just hung longer to release more whey, that is the only difference between the two.  On my hard cheese I usually have Cheddar, Colby, Colby/Cheddar blend, Coltswold (chive-onion cheese), Derby, Edam, Florentine, Fontina, Gouda, Havarti, Monteray Jack and Swiss for sale for 78 cents - $1 an ounce depending on how much cheese it makes. 

Contact Me


For cell phone users:     Be aware that a lot of times I can't return your phone call as I miss hearing a digit because your cell phone loses the signal for an instant or there is mostly static as you are in a windy area.  To compensate for this, I now ask you to text me at 405-762-2898 and let me know if you are interested in cow, or goat milk products.  I do not answer the phone, so no phone calls please. I can usually get texts but have a difficult time sending a reply by text because of low signal strength where I live.  If so, I will call you back from my landline when I get home.  After the first initial visit, the best way to reach me is to leave a message on my landline, 405-377-5795, as I do not carry my cell phone on me when I am home. 

For Landline users:  You may leave a message on my landline at 405-377-5795.  I screen all my phone calls so please leave a message.  If I am at home, I will pick up when I hear you talking.  If I am not at home, please leave a phone number slowly and distinctly so that I can return your call.  I do not have Caller ID on this phone. If I don't return your call within 8 hours, assume you might have left off a digit in your phone number and text my cell phone at 405-762-2898.  Type in the word "cow milk" or "goat milk" and I will call you back when I am available.  I only carry my cell phone with me when I am at work.  It stays in the house when I am home so I don't lose it.   

All new customers must contact me beforehand to make an appointment to pick up milk. At this initial contact I will instruct you on how I operate my business. No surprise visits, please! After the first visit, you can help yourself unannounced.

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